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Hydraucone-type Air Fan

◆Reasonable hydraucone-type design, low noise, big air volume, strong ventilation strength with low operating cost;  
◆Imported bearing, high strength, low noise and durability;  
◆Adopts air forward flow principle composite pvc shutter or aluminum shutter with antioxidant, light-weight, no deformation, easy closing and opening, prevent backflow of air;  
◆High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy belt pulley with reinforced ribs, light-weight and high strength and good toughness;  
◆6 pieces of stainless steel blades, no deformation, no breaking, elegant appearance and durability;  
◆There are both vertical type and incline-type air fan, which could satisfy effectively different site demands; 
◆Configuration of efficient energy saving motor that pass the certification of 3C with the protection grade: IP55, insulation grade: Grade F;