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Air cooler

Use the evaporator with high efficiency for the high evaporation rate and the good cooling effect. 
Full-automatic LCD constant speed controller with simple operation and stable performance. 
Nylon fan blade of high voltage and mute type with big air volume and low energy consumption and noise.
Automatic control water supply system, open-type water separator with even and smooth water diversion and clear automation for the prevention of blockage. 
Injection molding shell use PP engineering materials of copolymerization and modification, add strength-enhanced and toughness reinforcing agent, UV protection (anti-aging). 
The protection is complete with overload protection, lack-phase protection, low voltage protection, water shortage protection, full-automatic water supply and drainage function.

◆Water evaporative cooling with the evaporation area reaching 150m2; 
◆Cooling, air purification and no noise; 
◆Positive pressure air supply, there is no need to completely close the house, especially applicable to the cooling, dust cleaning and humidifying for the factory plant, workshop, canteen, net bar, clothing, textiles, flowers, greenhouse, hatch hall, etc.. 
◆Voltage 380V/50Hz, air fan power 0.55KW, water pump power 0.35W, blast volume 13000m3/h, noise<68dB, water consumption 20kg/h-25kg/h, overall dimensions 1080*1080, weight 50kg, applicable area 80-120m2, air delivering distance 10m. 

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