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Wet curtain

Adopts cross-linking technology of new material and space, high water absorption, high water tolerance, anti-mildew, corrosion resistance, long service life;  
Big surface evaporation ratio of the product, the cooling efficiency could reach more than 80%; The products contains surface active agent, which absorb water naturally, with high speed diffusion with long-lasting efficiency. One drop of water can be completed with diffusion within 4~5 seconds, the natural water absorption height is 60~70mm/5 minutes; When at 200mm/1.5, it completely reaches the international standard of the same industry;  
No chemical substances like carbolic acid which could cause skin allergy are included. The product is nonhazardous, safety, energy-saving, environmental protection and economical and applicable during installation and using; 
Multiple material for frame: Galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. which effectively brings convenience for the customers to choose.
Multiple appearance colors: Multiple colors include brown, green, brown green cross color, single black (cleanable), etc.
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